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Millennium Associates

The journey of Millennium Associates began with a pretty simple vision; providing world class electronics, consumer, construction products available for the people here in Bangladesh, certainly at an affordable price that they will not be acceptable by everyone, but also lead the company to become the leader in its category of business. For over last two decades the company under the brand name “Millennium Associates” has been leading and successful trader, importer and marketer of electronics, construction, consumer and spinning products.

In the year 2001, The company started its journey by establishing its first venture, Spinning mill at Munshiganj. The Company specializes in providing wide range of electronics solution for residential, commercial and other special needs. The target of the company is simple, offering with a wide range of high-quality solution for the customers in Bangladesh.

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Message from our CEO

Rafiqul Alam

Being the founder of Millennium Associates allowed me a unique opportunity. It allowed me to dream to create a visionfor what I think a company should look like and how it should operate without any history, baggage or constraints. I was able to establish the values that have personal meaning to me and set out upon that course. Although I didn’t know if the dream would come true, I believed it would. I believed that with the right team, we could create an award winning company with a culture that keeps our people engaged and joyful. I also realized that achieving the vision to the fullest would be a journey that would never end, because Millennium Associates is alive and will continue to develop.
We are very proud of the fact that we grew Millennium Associates with the image of a big business in mind, therefore paying special attention to growing our infrastructure in parallel with our revenue. Our internal systems to include financial, performance, time keeping, and sales match those of companies many times our size. But to understand Millennium Associates, you have to look beyond our growth, systems and contracts. You have to look at our people.
Millennium Associates is a company of leaders that puts people at the center of winning solutions. That’s right. All of our employees are leaders a fact which is reflected in our Vision statement: “We attract the best people by providing the opportunity to realize their full potential. Millennium Associates is a place to excel and a great place to work. We develop leaders” In addition, our culture is one that exhibits a strong work and home balance. We take this commitment seriously and the company regularly measures our people’s satisfaction with us as their employer.
A company is in business to deliver service and/or products to customers. The beautiful opportunity is that by creating a workplace that encourages our people to be the best they can be, our customers are getting the best they can get. Our people don’t just deliver services; they take ownership for delivering the best they have to offer. This is a total win-win for us all.
None of Millennium Associates’s success could have been possible without a leadership team that is characterized by brilliance, collaboration, commitment, and innovation. From the first leaders that joined me in 2018 who are top executives in Millennium Associates today, to the various leaders we have attracted throughout the years, I would match this eadership team against any in the world.
We are excited about the next leg of Millennium Associates’s journey that includes consistent innovation to strengthen our offerings to better meet our customers’ needs and propel us to the next level. We will continue to grow, always keeping an eye on the people.
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